Chapter 25

Jessica took pleasure in her boss’ courtship and preferential treatment, accepting the flowers and gifts as they came. However, she refused to cross the line of making out with her boss.

This was not a matter of protecting her chastity, but rather a means for Hank to yearn for something he so desired.

Jessica’s eyes were not set on becoming a mistress, but rather the rightful woman next to Hank.

Nevertheless, Hank had been in a relationship with his wife for many years since college. Liberty used to be the finance director of the company, but she quit her job to be a full-time housewife by the time Jessica joined the company.

Jessica had never met Liberty, but through the mouths of old colleagues, she got to know that Liberty gave birth to a son a year into the marriage and became a stay-at-home mom since. It was said that Liberty became way out of shape after giving birth.

Hank had whined about his obese wife more than once.

Jessica muttered to herself, “Liberty is such a silly cow. She should’ve watched her figure even after marriage. No man’s going to stand by their overweight wife.”

It was not Jessica’s fault for going after Mr. Brown. Liberty was to blame for not putting in self-care and repulsed her husband. All Liberty did all day was waste away money.

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