Chapter 3

“I will, Nana.”

Serenity casually responded.

Although Grandma May was nice to her, Zachary was her blood relative while Serenity was only related to the family by marriage. Serenity found it hard to believe that the Yorks would stand by Serenity during a conflict between the couple.

Such was the case with her sister’s in-laws.

Pre-marriage, the in-laws were nothing but good to Serenity’s sister to the point their birth daughter was jealous.

It was a different story post-nuptial. Every time Serenity’s sister got into a disagreement with the husband, her mother-in-law would get on Serenity’s sister’s case about being a bad wife.

In short, the son was always family while the daughter-in-law remained as an outsider.

“You must be heading to work, so I should get out of your hair. I’ll get Zack to get you home for dinner tonight.”

“Nana, I’m closing the shop pretty late at night. I probably won’t be able to make it. Can we reschedule for the weekend?”

The school was off on weekends. Since the bookshop’s livelihood depended on students, business was slow on days when school was out. She would have time and no need to set up shop during such occasions.


Grandma May thoughtfully added, “The weekend, it is. Go on with your work then.”

The old lady hung up the call.

Instead of heading straight to the shop, Serenity sent a text message to her best friend, Jasmine Sox, that she would make it back before the last school bell rang.

With one major milestone ticked off her list, Serenity had to let her sister know and move out of her place.


at her sister’s

balcony. Seeing that Serenity was home, her sister expressed her concern. “Why are you back at this hour, Seren? Is the

the afternoon.

nephew. The boy was

The house won’t be this quiet if he’s awake.”

asked about last night as she helped with the

to kick you out. He’s simply under a lot

clarified for her husband.

kept to herself, knowing well that it was her

and was working in the same firm when they later got married. After marriage,

and became a housewife. She gave birth to a lovely son a year into the marriage and had no time to dress up between caring for a child and managing housework. Liberty paid no thought to watch her figure, nor could she break free from her routine

beautiful woman to an overweight and unkempt housewife with no time to spare for herself.

than her sister. Their parents passed away from a car accident when Serenity was ten. Since then, Serenity and Liberty only

their studies, but the grandparents from both sides of the family wanted a piece of it. With what was left,

her sister resorted to renting. Their

man was quick to say yes about taking Liberty and Serenity as a one-package deal, but his resentment was beginning to

Liberty. I’m a burden to

that way. Mom and Dad left us too

was deeply moved. As a child, Serenity could always count on her sister, but now it was her turn to be Liberty’s

Serenity took out the marriage license and showed it to Liberty. She said, “I’m married, Liberty. I just signed the papers and came back to let you know. I’ll be packing

“You got married?!”

high pitch, almost to

at Serenity in disbelief, Liberty snatched the marriage license for a closer inspection. There was her sister’s name alongside a

Serenity? I thought you didn’t even have

was good-looking, but his piercing eyes and callous lines along his facial features were telltale

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