Chapter 5

With his game face on, Zachary said, “Back to the meeting.”

Sitting nearest to Zachary was his cousin, Callum. Among the cousins within the same age range as Zachary, Callum ranked second.

Callum drew close and whispered, “Zack, I overheard your conversation with Nana. Did you really marry that Ser- girl?”

Zachary shot him a glare.

Scratching his nose, Callum straightened his back and ended the probing.

Even so, Callum had nothing but sympathy for Zachary.

There was no need for the York boys to secure social and financial standing through marriage, but Zack and his new bride were not a match in every single way. Poor Zack. He merely married the girl because Nana took a liking to her.

Once again, Callum offered Zachary condolences through his thoughts.

Thank goodness Callum was not the oldest in the family. Otherwise, he would have to step up to the plate and marry Nana’s lifesaver.

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