Chapter 10

Serenity went to her sister’s place.

She opened the door and went inside the house to find her sister was already up. Liberty was busy in the kitchen.


“Seren, you’re here.”

Liberty came out of the kitchen and was happy to see her little sister. “Have you eaten? I’m making a pot of pasta. Do you want a plate?”

“I’m good. I had breakfast. Have you started cooking? You don’t have to if you haven’t because I brought you and Sonny breakfast.”

“Not yet. Sonny had a fever last night. I didn’t sleep much the whole night, so I got up late. Your brother-in-law had to get breakfast from the shop. He wasn’t happy about it. He accused me of doing nothing all day and I could’ve made him breakfast since all I did was look after a child.”

Liberty was hurt.

Serenity was furious for her sake. “Why did Sonny have a fever? You should take him to see a doctor later even if the fever’s gone in case it comes back. Seriously. I can’t believe your husband didn’t bother to help and even yelled at you when your child was sick.

brother-in-law still insisting on going Dutch

splitting the expenses. He said that all I do is spend money rather than earn my keep. He mentioned that I have no idea the pressure he’s under. As part of the family, I should

face into our affairs after she got married. My husband used

resignation letter, Liberty worked her way up to the financial chief position. She was paid handsomely. Liberty gave up a lot for

clothes she bought were with Serenity’s money. The shopping only came once in

it was with Serenity’s money, her in-laws would argue the gifted money was a joint asset with her husband, so she had

send Sonny to a kindergarten? You can pick up your career again

felt sorry for her sister.

family, Serenity would take on all the housework to help her sister out. Now that she had moved out, Liberty got more on

a kindergarten.” Liberty was interested to return to the workplace. If nothing else, the burden of a car loan, mortgage, and elderly care was weighing heavily on the

like cr*p, and it was only

don’t think so. I know how much he’s making. He doesn’t have

about your future. Don’t be a misunderstood

see. Don’t worry about me, Seren. I’ll be

busy since he’s working

life at the new home in detail. She was able to

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