Chapter 23

“A bit of breakfast won’t hurt the bank. Liberty, I won’t overdo it.”

Serenity had adequate income to help her sister, but she would not pour her entire paycheck into doing it as she had her mind set on becoming a homeowner.

“Has Sonny eaten?”

Serenity asked while feeling Sonny’s temperature. His body temperature was in the normal range.

“He had milk. I have chicken soup simmering on the stove. I’ll feed him some later when it’s ready.”

Liberty took excellent care of her son.

“Zachary will be home in two days. His parents will be visiting this Saturday. Come to Brynfield with my brother-in-law on the same day for dinner with the family. Can you let him know about this?”

husband coming

be back Friday


sister decided to get married. Although she went along with Serenity’s lie,

never seen Serenity’s husband

the meeting with the in

her sister’s place, Serenity left for

was gone, Liberty fed her son chicken soup and took him out for a stroll and shopping. She wanted to get new clothes for the

down as a stay-at-home mom, and her clothes were bargain hunts

big-time labels, they were tailored. Now that she had devoted her life into having a family, she stopped working and lost her

the money on the family rather than

a good impression on her sister’s in-laws, Liberty bought two dresses a little on the upscale side, together with a suit and tie for her

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