Abby inquired very clearly.

Evan was the most filial to his grandma and the most respectful to his eldest brother, Zachary. If something happened, he might not tell his biological brother, Callum, but he might tell his eldest brother, Zachary.

Zachary was a doting wife. If his brothers came to him for something, he would talk to his beloved wife, and Serenity would know.

That’s why Abby took the liberty to come to Serenity.

People in Serenity’s company also suspected that she was Serenity’s love rival.

Even Serenity might be a little suspicious of her.

At first, she just asked the secretary to make tea for her.

her visit, she asked the secretary to

not angry at Serenity’s different treatment. If it were hers, she

give her a cup of warm water without losing basic courtesy. There is no way

Love rival!

extremely jealous when they

did this, Abby

also knew a thing or two about what

the chance to marry into such a family,

kind of mentality Evan had

occasionally talks to his elder brother, but I haven’t seen him in recent

is Evan now?” Serenity asked

know now. He may have returned to Wiltspoon, or he may be

asked, “So, you haven’t seen him for

“I haven’t seen him for half a month. Evan is like this. When I was about to get rid of him, he showed up again and was

annoying!” Abby gritted

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