Mia couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Unreasonable requests? Ms. Maynard, what would you consider unreasonable? Asking Mr. Barrett to hand over all his wealth? Or perhaps requesting him to be my boyfriend?" Her words landed heavily on Luna, hitting a nerve.

As Mia's words trailed off, she sensed Timothy's gaze intensifying.

She deliberately turned to him and inquired, "Mr. Barrett, what are your thoughts?" Timothy cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Either option works for me." Upon hearing Timothy's response, both Shelly and Luna were shocked.

Mia's lips curved into a smirk.

"Well then, I shall provide you with the reishi mushroom, but you must agree to date me." Timothy's gaze grew complex as he responded with a deep voice, " Sure." Mia was genuinely taken aback by Timothy's swift agreement.

She hadn't expected him to comply so readily, assuming he might decline or find another excuse.

Unable to contain her laughter, Mia turned to Shelly.

"Looks like our relationship is progressing.

Finally, I can share my bags and shoes with my sisters." Shelly's eyes brightened, and she responded eagerly, "Yes, exactly! Monalize, we're practically like family now." Nonetheless, Mia couldn't help but sense a hint of resentment from someone else weighing heavily on her.

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