Standing nearby, Timothy stated firmly, “I've made it clear before—there's no possibility of a partnership between the Barrett family and the Bowen family.”

Connie quickly stepped in, saying, "Mr. Barrett, please remember that this contract was set by your uncle. As a younger member of the family, it might not be suitable for you to go against his decision.”

Without missing a beat, Timothy pressed on, "Since you all seem so keen to work with Uncle Ralph, he will no longer hold the position of general manager at the Barrett Group subsidiary. I'll instruct the HR department to issue his dismissal notice immediately."

Ralph responded with a cold scoff, “Timothy, don't think for a moment that threatening to dismiss me will have any impact. The position of subsidiary general manager was never my ambition anyway.

"Remember, I entered into these negotiations after careful consideration. If you fail to see the value in this opportunity, there are plenty who will."

Lewis hesitated before speaking, “But, Mr. Hopkins, what the Bowen Group values is the societal impact and influence that the Barrett Group provides. Without the backing of the Barrett Group, our project simply cannot proceed.”

Lewis’ cutting words struck Ralph hard, bruising his pride. Furious, he lashed out, "Without my efforts, would the Bowen family even have had this collaboration opportunity?

relying on your family's

Group remains a small entity. If you're not interested in our partnership, there are plenty who are eager

"Hold on. If you're no longer interested in working with our family, perhaps you should

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regard for them, then it's only fair

had no use for those items; I got rid of them ages ago. If you want them, feel free to search through

Lewis refused to back down. "Did you also discard the cash I

who I am? I'm the uncle of the Barrett Group's president. Watch your words, or you'll regret it," he

Without the backing of the Barrett Group,

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