Mia was taken aback when she read the message about the divorce.

After all, everything had seemed fine just before.

Ina flurry of worry, Mia immediately dialed Jasmine's number.

" What exactly is going on?" she asked.

"Just a few days ago, there was this huge scandal about my father having an illegitimate daughter.

When he found out, he immediately accused me of being the one who leaked it.

"T tried to explain, but he wouldn't even listen.

He ended up slapping me.

And to make matters worse, my mom walked in on the whole scene." There was a palpable weight in Jasmine's words, as if she were grappling with a profound loss.

1 She continued, “After that, my mom couldn't take it anymore.

She confronted my dad and decided to divorce him.

"So now, my mom and IJ are staying with my grandparents.

And to add insult to injury, my dad has brought Luna and that little brat back home." Jasmine's words were accompanied by eyes filled with desolation, speaking volumes in their silent despair.

Indeed, Raymond's transformation had blindsided her completely.

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you assist me in brainstorming a theme?"

"That's doable," Mia replied.

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