Mr. Ford Is Jealous

Mr. Ford Is Jealous

Authors:Boat of Peaches
Num Chapters:1033
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Chapter 1036

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As they stood atop a cliff, the kidnapper held a knife to her throat, and the throat of his dream girl.

“You can choose only one.”

“I choose her,” the man said, pointing to his dream girl.

Stella’s voice trembled as she said, “Weston… I’m pregnant.” Weston looked at her indifferently.

“Gwen has a fear of heights.”

Many years passed after that. Rumor had it that Ahn City’s prestigious Mr. Weston Ford was always lingering outside the house of his ex-wife, even breaking boundaries to pamper her, even if she would never bat an eyelid at him. Rumor had it that the night Stella brought a man home with her, Weston almost died at her door. Everyone was envious of Stella, but she smiled politely and said, “Don’t die at my door. I fear germs.”

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