Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Aurora gritted her teeth and said, “How would you know if he’d like me or not? His parents like me! You just don’t want to help your sister out!”

Keegan nodded, “Then, go look for him yourself.”

Aurora was stunned for a moment. ‘Would I be here begging you to contact Marshall if I could do it myself?’ Marshall seemed to have deliberately avoided Aurora since he returned to the country. Whenever she found out where he was, he would be nowhere in sight when she arrived. He also never picked up when Aurora called.

out here. Don’t you want me to be happily married in the future?” Keegan glanced at her and said, “You

Keegan was reminded of what Stella did when Aurora mentioned her name. Initially, he had a headache from quarreling with Aurora, but now his tummy was aching too. He tossed the phone to Aurora

joy and immediately called Marshall. “Hello?” Marshall’s gentle voice sounded as he picked

a headache. ‘Not only did Keegan ignore what I

missed them. I’ve

said as Keegan glanced at her contemptuously. Marshall did not believe her. With Keegan’s status, it would not be a big deal for him to bring an extra guest to the charity event. Marshall knew what she was thinking. He knew that if he did not state his feelings clearly, Aurora would believe that she’d still have a chance. “Sorry, Aurora, I can’t

to attend to. Bye.” He

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