Chapter 994

Xenia continued in a hoarse voice, "I know.I'm not trying to get anything from you using the baby, but I just want to bid a proper farewell to it.Even though I got very scared when I first found out about my baby, its existence made me somewhat greedy...for someone who doesn't belong to me."

She started sobbing as she spoke.

"Mr.Jewell, I don't want anything from you.I can have an abortion like you wanted, but can we not do it today? The doctor just let me listen to my baby's heartbeat, and my baby is probably conscious now.I want to have a proper conversation with my baby and tell the baby that I'm not giving up on it because I don't love it.Albert saw Xenia crying, and his heart immediately softened.She looked so much like Rainee when she was crying.

Besides, he even started to feel like their voice sounded very similar too even though it might just be an illusion.

When she cried and said those words, he could almost see Rainee in her twenties standing in front of him with her eyes reddened because she was injured from playing sports.

Albert was taken aback, and he turned hesitant.

He just could not forgive Rainee for betraying him.

He had always believed that his relationship with Rainee became so disastrous because of how assertive and domineering Rainee was to him.

got to marry a woman like Rainee, who was beautiful, capable, and

fact that this girl chose him and not the other boys who looked down on him greatly satisfied his inferior

allow him to smoke or drink if it was not for business purposes, and she

felt as though Rainee chose him only because he was an easy person to contain, and he could easily satisfy her desire

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always see Rainee's face when

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him of the times when she depended on him for

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the promise he had just made to Hylda as he gently wiped away the tears on Xenia's

get an abortion if you don't want you.It's just a child

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