“Hey, guys, the hotel is not far from here. I’ll take them there, let them rest, and then explore the night market nearby later. You two have had a busy day. You should head home and get some rest,” Jaylene suggested.

Stella considered for a moment and agreed. “Sounds good. I actually have plans to meet a friend for a hair appointment.”

After leaving the restaurant, Stella used the excuse of her friend picking her up to part ways with Trevor.

Not long after Trevor had left, a white Audi pulled up. Stella opened the passenger door and got in. The driver was her best friend, Felicity.

Felicity took Stella by surprise, as she was dressed in all black, along with a black mask.

“What’s with the ninja outfit?” Stella asked.

“Don’t you know that you’ve got to dress the part to avoid drawing attention?

Spies often wear black in old movies.”

Stella rubbed her temples and said, “That’s because there were no lights.”


back then. But, nowadays, with everything brightly lit, you’re like a walking beacon. How

she said, reaching for a men’s coat from the back

was about to say something when Felicity patted her arm. “Look! Look!

see what

saw Jaylene and the others exit the restaurant and exchange a few words at the

the car and followed

through a city district


find a parking space, but Stella could not wait. So,

As soon as she entered, she took the elevator directly to the top

sign. There were a total of nineteen floors in the building. The elevator that Jaylene took was going to even-numbered floors above the tenth floor, and the elevator next

at this moment, the elevator

in and pressed the button to

parked her car, and she texted Stella

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