Leighton was taken aback, his ears turning red as he met Nicole's teasing gaze.

“you’re the one who’s dumb! I know it’s pronounced petty!'” Nicole blinked and helpfully pointed out, “But you just said ‘pi’ not ‘pe’.” Leighton stiffened.

“No, I didn’t.” “Yes, you did.” “I didn’t!” “You did! Estelle heard it too.” Nicole nodded toward Estelle.

“ Right, Estelle?” Not wanting to get involved in their childish argument, Estelle cleared his throat and said, “I didn’t catch what you were saying.” Nicole clicked her tongue.

“No wonder so many young idols are clueless these days.

It's because managers like you spoil them.” Leighton suddenly wanted to kick her out of the car! Estelle chuckled.

“Leighton just isn’t great at the language.

He's fine in other subjects.” This wasn’t just to cover for Leighton.

The Hall family had good genes for academics.

Leighton’s grandmother had been an educator before she retired, and his siblings excelled in school.

younger brother even won a world championship

have been as brilliant as his cousins or

a film academy, intending to

father found out and made him switch to

admission requirements, Leighton

language scores just barely passing, he still ranked in the

third year, he

couldn't graduate, but the university allowed

his degree within two years

industry, image

crucial, whether it was genuine or not, as long as the fans bought

about Leighton's academic history, initially considered marketing him

Leighton refused, feeling that not graduating was too

about Leighton’s high scores was hardly shameful compared to others who flaunted average

words, Estelle was relieved that Leighton

might have faced a

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