My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 20

 Chapter 20

“Miss Tillman, I’m here to customize jewelry for my mother’s birthday next month, and I was thinking of ordering a set of jewelry for her.” John wasn’t in need of money, and he wanted more excitement, so he didn’t mind forking money out for Anastasia.

Anastasia naturally wouldn’t reject a business opportunity given to her, so she instructed, “Grace, please get us coffee and a fruit platter.”

After Grace left, John’s gaze quickly landed on Anastasia again.

“President Curtis, may I know if your mother has any particular interest in the shape or color of the jewelry? Does she prefer jade or crystal other than a diamond?”

“Diamonds will do. It’s better if it’s bigger and more expensive,” John answered in a straightforward manner while Anastasia pursed her lips and smiled. “Sure. I’ll come up with a draft for your design and send it over to your mother’s house three days later. What do you think about that?”

“Since this is a present from me for my mother, it’s better to keep things secretive. Why don’t you come to me after you’re done with the draft?” A cunning look flashed past John’s eyes while Anastasia was checking a document with her head lowered. “Sure, President Curtis. I’ll contact you once I’m done.”

“Sure. I’m fine with that. Are you free later at noon? Why don’t we go have lunch together?”

Nevertheless, Anastasia wasn’t a fool and knew that John was trying to hit on her. Still, there was no way that she’d reject a business opportunity, so she nodded and uttered, “Sure. I know a nice restaurant just in front of my company. I shall make a reservation for two.”

John nodded in satisfaction. “Miss Tillman, I’ll be waiting for your break, then!”

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