Chapter 3 Refusing Their Favor

“Of course! I’ll go anywhere you go, Mommy!” the little guy beamed, his large eyes looking like glistening onyxes as they curved into crescent moons.

Anastasia couldn’t help musing over how beautiful the child was. Every time she looked at his little face, she felt a surge of comfort and gratitude, as though constantly in awe of how she had managed to birth such an adorable little one.

“Well, then, we best pack our things now. We’re leaving for the airport tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay!” The little one gave one firm nod, then dashed into his room to pack his things for the trip.

Anastasia heaved a sigh. She had been living abroad since her father threw her out of the house five years ago. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t want to go home as it was that she had no place in it.

She didn’t even tell her father after she had delivered her child while abroad, and now that she was going back to her homeland for her work and career, she had made up her mind to see the old man. He was still her father, after all.

Three days later, it was evening time at the international airport when Anastasia wheeled the baggage cart forward. Her son was seated on top of the large suitcase on the cart, and he gazed around in wonder. Everything about Anastasia’s homeland seemed to pique his interest, and there was a curious gleam in his sparkly eyes.

Presently, Anastasia had only just stepped out of the arrival hall when two men in suits walked up to her, thereafter greeting politely, “Miss Tillman, we have been sent here by Old Madam Presgrave, who has prepared a ride for you just outside the entrance. If you please—”

She blinked at them and said very courteously, “I appreciate the Presgraves’ kind gesture, but I have no need for a ride, thank you.”

“Miss Presgrave, the old madam truly wishes to see you,” the middle-aged man said respectfully.

Anastasia knew that Old Madam Presgrave bore no ill will, but she really had no plans on accepting the old madam’s kind favor. “Please tell Old Madam Presgrave that it was my mother’s duty to save others, and that there is no need to repay the deed, at least not to me.” With that, she made to brush past the two men, pushing the cart toward the exit.

of the men took out his phone and informed dutifully, “Young Master Elliot, Miss Tillman has refused our offer to pick

in the backseat of the Rolls-Royce in the middle of the fleet who kept his gaze on the airport doors, and he saw a young woman pushing her cart through them just as he

her nape, revealing a delicate and pretty face. Her skin was alabaster, and her demeanor somewhat leisurely as she maneuvered the cart. Without a doubt, her presence among the crowd was a

leaped off the woman’s cart. He looked to be around four or five years of age, and he wore a gray sweater with joggers, his thick and soft hair flopping over his forehead. He might be young, but his features were

the little one straighten his clothes; there was no mistaking the gentle and

kid? Is Anastasia married? If so, then I won’t have to marry her just to fulfill Grandma’s wishes. With that in mind, Elliot watched as the taxi Anastasia and her supposed child got into pulled away.


I’ve missed you.” Hayley’s coy voice whined on

I’ll see you as soon as I’m free,” he answered, the bass in his voice

“Promise?” Hayley asked coquettishly.

he replied

sipping her tea when she heard her subordinates’ latest findings. She looked up in shock as she demanded, “What? Anastasia has a child? Is she

to our investigation, the child’s father never showed up, so we’re assuming that she had the child out

Presgrave, otherwise more widely known as Old Madam Presgrave, sighed. Guilt surged through her as she thought about the brave female police officer who had died after sustaining eighteen fatal stabs from the ruffian who had threatened

lamenting on this when an elegant and towering figure sauntered into the living room. It was

promptly took the seat next to hers and began to say, “Grandma, Anastasia kept refusing

out of wedlock. You must take care

at the old woman speechlessly, stunned by her suggestion. He had thought that she would have given up on the matter, but

repay her mother’s kind

do. You must marry Anastasia

but he couldn’t even reject his grandmother’s suggestion because she was set

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