My Baby's Daddy

My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522

“Leslie, have you forgotten how she brought Nigel to dinner last night and humiliated you? I don’t recall seeing her being sad about that!” Bonnie snorted lightly and argued.

At that moment, Leslie received a call before he answered it while rising to his feet. “Has everything been sent over?”

Then, he quickened his pace out the door. Bonnie involuntarily got up and stood before the French window, wondering what he sent over. As he was from a well-off family and was not a stingy person, the gifts he had given her throughout the six months they were together might have exceeded a few hundred thousand.

Soon after that, she saw him returning with three employees from a jewelry store. They were wearing gloves as they carefully drew out four sets of jewelry from the suitcases they had brought.

on them, making

jewelry must have cost at least a hundred thousand!When

jewelry you ordered has arrived. Please sign

any issues.” Leslie nodded as

Bonnie quickly sat down beside him and pointed at one of the necklaces. “Leslie, the dress I ordered just happens to need a matching necklace! Can

yours and you can stop dreaming about it. These

living room, narrowed her eyes and secretly stomped her feet. As expected, one never knew what they had until they lost it. At this point, she realized that she was now more attracted to Leslie than

the man only had eyes for her sister

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