My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 A Night of Absurdities

“Anastasia, help! I’ve been molested at the club!”

The desperate and helpless sound of her best friend’s voice was the only thing on Anastasia Tillman’s mind as she rushed over to the clubhouse.

Room 808. Anastasia looked up at the number plaque on the door of the private room. It was the same room number that her best friend, Hayley Seymour, had texted her. Without another thought, she barged through the door to save her friend.

When the door swung open under her hand, she was greeted by the darkness within. Suddenly, a strong hand clasped around her wrist and dragged her into the dark room, followed by a loud thud as the door slammed shut.

“Hey—who are you, and what do you want?!” Anastasia shrieked, her eyes darting around wildly as she tried to make out her surroundings.

“Settle down, and I’ll treat you well.” A man’s deep and husky voice spoke close to her ear.

The next second, Anastasia was unceremoniously tossed onto the couch, and before she could scramble to her feet, a lean and strong body pinned her down.

She let out a muffled cry when a pair of lips that tasted like peppermint captured hers.

The man on top of her felt burning hot to the touch. A sense of hopelessness brought tears to her eyes as she tried to struggle against the man, but in the end, she could do nothing but endure the man’s ferocity.

An hour later, Anastasia staggered out of the room, looking disheveled. She had only just been through a nightmare, but that didn’t distract her from worrying about her best friend’s safety.

She was just about to call Hayley’s number when she saw a group of men and women walking out the side door. Under the lights, she instantly recognized the two of the women in the group.

One happened to be Hayley, her best friend who had cried for help on the phone earlier, and the other was Anastasia’s stepsister, Erica Tillman. The two girls walked side by side with their arms linked, as if they were the closest of friends.

Shock and rage colored Anastasia’s features when she saw them. “Stop right there, Hayley!” she called out loudly over the distance as her fists clenched tightly at her sides.

Upon hearing this, Hayley and Erica swiveled around to face her. Anastasia glowered at them, ashen-faced as she demanded of Hayley, “Why would you lie to me?!”

Hayley smirked. “It’s not my fault that you’re always so gullible, Anastasia.”

time with that gigolo back there?” Erica asked in a sing-song voice,

set her up. The chastity she had held dear for the past nineteen years was now sacrificed

eyes were frosty as she seethed, “Did you actually think I was your friend, Anastasia? I’ve been living in

Dad that you’ve been pimping yourself for money at the club.

had been through, and the collective weight of her friend’s betrayal and

be seen with trash, do we?” With her arm looped through Hayley’s, Erica led her

I wouldn’t let you go abroad

“Dad, I didn’t—”

didn’t? But you did, Anastasia! How could you go to such shameless lengths? Did we starve you, or did we deprive you of anything? I can’t believe you would pimp yourself to random strangers in a filthy clubhouse! For your sake, I hope you haven’t brought any disease back to this house. Who knows what my daughter and I could have caught from you,” the woman who was dressed in jewels and fine clothes

I really didn’t do it. I—”

word from her. He glowered at her maliciously as he snapped, “Still lying to me, I see. Get out of this home right now! I will not stand to have you under my roof. No daughter of mine could be so

with her chin propped on her hand. Everything was going exactly the way she had planned.

in the living room, Anastasia fell silent when she saw the thunderous and disappointed look on her father’s face. She wordlessly rose from her seat and walked up the stairs

crossed haughtily in front of her chest, the younger girl sneered, “Get out

she glowered at Erica’s

want to slap me or

down across Erica’s face, resulting in

just hit me! Mom,

the stairwell, “How dare you strike my

had never been more disappointed in

into her father’s arms, taking in exaggerated deep breaths like she was

Anastasia!” Francis roared up


Erica’s side of the story instead of asking Anastasia about the horrific incident

passed, she had spent her years in this home living like an outsider, for her father

about her husband’s


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