My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 2555

Shirley felt dizzy as her body reacted strongly to Zacharias. This was a feeling she had never experienced when she was with Cole, as her feeling toward him was more of an innocent puppy love. However, the feeling Zacharias gave her now stirred something inside her, something more primitive.

“Let go…” she forced the words out through her lips, but he didn’t listen and reacted more passionately. Shirley felt light-headed, and an unfamiliar feeling buried her reason. She forgot to push him away as her body told her she liked this pleasurable kiss and wanted more.

Her hands unconsciously wrapped around Zacharias’ waist as she clumsily responded to his kiss, pleasantly surprising him as he sucked on her sweetness.

Under the chandelier, the kissing couple sat beside the wine counter, making the air around them get hotter.

Then, Zacharias lifted Shirley onto the counter. It was only then that she regained her senses. She pushed him away shyly, embarrassed by the position they were in.

the edge of the counter with their waists touching. This ambiguous position made her face and ears

her black hair and supported the back of her head with his big

she avoided his gaze. She was embarrassed to think of how she fell into his embrace just now. He just had the charm and skill to make her body submit to him even if she

held her waist to put her

to sleep.” Zacharias smiled tenderly before letting go of her. She walked toward the stairs and climbed up with her hand on the rail. Meanwhile, Zacharias raised his

to her room and hid her face in

a lot of girls before? Is that why he became a good kisser? Damn it! How would a man like him not have girls? Maybe he never lacked partners ever since becoming an adult. It was only then that Shirley came to her senses and wanted to

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