My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 2558

Imogen’s smile disappeared as she watched Shirley accompany Zacharias into the lobby while she could only stand next to the bodyguard’s car and wait for orders.

The difference in treatment made her feel unjust. Shirley followed Zacharias to his office door, and he told her, “Come on in.” And so, she entered with him as he turned around to order Freddie, “Two cups of tea.” Then, Freddie asked an assistant to send the tea in while Zacharias sat on his chair, looking serious and confident, radiating a charismatic aura.

The assistant brought the cups in and placed one before Zacharias and the other in front of Shirley before leaving. Zacharias looked up and told Shirley, “Sit. You don’t need to be so tense here.” “I’m here to work, not enjoy my time.” Shirley didn’t accept his preferential treatment.

He looked at her helplessly and didn’t push it anymore. After a moment, Freddie entered and led Zacharias out for a meeting. Then, Shirley followed him and saw him seated in the middle of a grand couch while chatting politely with a few foreign guests.

a sense of dominance, causing the guests to treat him

her mind would wander if she met his eyes.

Zacharias had to eat with the guests while Shirley ate with Freddie, who was

I think you don’t need to stand on stage

with me standing beside him on stage?” “Obviously, he needs to focus on the speech, and you’ll distract him if you stand beside him,” Freddie said matter-of-factly. Even though Shirley felt that wasn’t possible, she still nodded. “Alright. I’ll stand below the stage, then.” “Captain Barlowe has arranged for someone to stand beside Mr. Flintstone, so you needn’t worry. We’ve made

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