My beautiful boss

Chapter 33 See Alfred Again

In seven or eight seconds, about six or seven young people were knocked down, shocking everyone in the room.

They were totally stunned. It seemed that they did not expect Peter to be so fierce.

But after a short period of stupor, instead of fear, anger arose.

Alfred was looking at all thirty of his hired thugs. If they could not beat Peter up, how could they follow Alfred's instructions? How could they ask him for money?

"Brothers, get up and beat the shit out of him! The one who would succeed will be rewarded with a million bucks in cash!"

The young men all howled and screamed like wolves excited to get down on their prey, and once again, their eyes turned red, blood rushing to their faces.

"Come on, squirts, let me see what you guys have!" Peter shouted at these young people with scorn, and all of them rushed toward him even more crazily.

In an instant, he darted toward one of the young men, gritted his teeth, screamed, and smashed the stick in the young man's hand.

The young man looked at the broken stick in front of him, and his head overflowed with cold sweat. He was about to dodge the hit, but Peter's speed was too fast that he had no chance at all.

With a loud bang, the young man's head was directly hit, and a shower of blood splashed out of his forehead. Then, he fell down to the ground with a soft plop.

"Weren't you just so confident? That's all it takes?" Peter sneered and stretched out his leg.

The young man was kicked away like a sandbag and fell to the front desk, crushing it in half.

Peter no longer paid attention to the young man, but he waved the stick and rushed to the other people, instead.

Bam! One of young men was kicked.

Boom! Another young man was knocked down.

In a few seconds, the young men scrambled toward Peter like packs of wolves, but they all ended up falling to the ground like dead flies.

So far, nearly thirty thugs had been beaten to the ground.

the scene from afar. His legs were like jelly, his face was getting redder and

his brilliant white teeth. "These shrimps have been taken cared

yourself." The manager stomped out and sneaked

Alfred was such an arrogant bastard. Without hesitation, he went straight to the third floor.

decided to go up and

floor, but it wasn't easy. Everywhere he passed, it seemed like trouble was waiting for

murmurs — unconscious bodies, and broken furniture.

the stairs on the second floor there stood more than twenty

amount of men here seemed more than those guys on the first floor, and each

this all planned, sorted, and calculated. And it was smart of him

you? Tell

as Peter cursed under his breath, a young man

for a few hours on the first floor, and they

smashed it down to the ground, creating a loud

"Bring it on!"

man only had the time to say three words because his head had already been smashed

pretended not to care about Peter's immense strength. They all waved their machetes,

had anger and

young men fell to

first floor's done, the second floor's destroyed... Finally, I can get to the third floor, " Peter continued to move up the staircase.

a spacious

that looked like a throne as

sides, were two attractive, young women massaging his shoulders for her, and on both sides of his legs were two equally sexy creatures rubbing his legs

scene, and

Alfred was enjoying all along. If

floors. But now that you're here,

as he looked at

others, and clearly, he was dying to kill Peter,

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