My beautiful boss

Chapter 20 Extort Confessions

Just as Peter got inside the interrogation room, he heard his phone rang.

As he took a look at his phone, he was suddenly reminded of his promise to treat the lady this evening.

"Peter, where are you? Why haven't you showed up, yet? Won't you come to treat my mom anymore?" Audrey asked the questions angrily.

"Uhm... I'm now at the police station, so I might not make it today..." Peter had not finished talking yet when the policeman came in and shouted at him, "You are not allowed to use your phone! Don't you know that you are a criminal now? Now, hang up!"

The man said that as he tried to grab Peter's phone.

Peter dodged the police's hit and said, "Oh, how could you beat people up? Sir, I'm the victim. I came here to assist you in your investigation. I'm not the suspect, nor a criminal. Even if I'm a criminal, I still have the right to call for an attorney to defend for me before any court decision would be made."

"Smartass!" The policeman burst into laughter, "You know how to hire an attorney? Give your phone to me. Otherwise, I will let you have a taste of what I can do. You want to hire an attorney. What a joke!"

"How can you act like this? Oh my god, what are you going to do with me?" Peter acted as if he was afraid. He made his voice tremble, saying, "Don't you know that there are CCTV cameras everywhere here? Sir, I bet that you don't want to be recorded extorting confessions."

As Peter said that, he hung up the phone call and pressed on the voice recording button.

He had to keep his phone on him because he wanted to call Bella for help when he would get the chance.

Peter had no other choice. He was in Golden City and he knew no one else, except Bella. If Bella would not help him, he would have to deal with the situation on his own.

"CCTV cameras? Hahaha!" The policeman teased when the door of the interrogation room was suddenly opened, and another three policemen came in.

"Have you shut off all the cameras?"

"Don't worry, Captain Niu. I have turned off all the cameras and the monitors in the control room. I've also sent our colleagues there home. Do what you want to do. No one would know what's happening here."

A policeman with small eyes and receding hairline said that with a big grin.

Apparently, it was not their first time to shut off the monitors. Who knew how many innocent people were wrongly accused here!

Peter was so furious at the moment. He was starting to get even more worried about the two ladies.

They did not have Peter by their side, so they would most likely own up to crimes they did not commit, under the extortion of the police.

beat you up!" Captain Niu took out his baton and

on the baton, and sparks from it flew, making crackling

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with what he had heard through the phone. It was like a slap

have to see him. I will let things

words coldly. Although she seemed weak, her words stood a firm stance.

In the interrogation room

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here!" Captain Niu laughed for a while, and suddenly, he stuck

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and stomped his right feet to give him energy. He dashed fiercely and quickly toward the four

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"Ouch, it hurts!"


"I did nothing wrong!"


the policemen

with his fists. It sounded like he was the one getting

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out of hand.

for a while before stopping. He,

voice from the outside, so he stopped

ground and smeared them on his face to make him look dirty. He also picked up the baton, turned it on, and

the interrogation room suddenly opened right after Peter did all that. A crowd of people rushed in with

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