My beautiful boss

Chapter 5 The Bad Brothers

Sounds of heavy breaths filled the room that now grew very quiet.

Eyes wide open, the security guards in the area didn't expect what happened.

"Mr. Zhen, forgive me of forgetting your name. You're right, though. You do need a strong body to qualify as a good leader, " Peter said cooly.

Eric tried to get up but failed. He felt like he wanted to spit out blood. He yelled at the guards in the room, "What are you doing, you stupid pigs! Beat the crap out of this guy! I'll back you up if anything happens! I'm the boss here! Follow my orders, or leave!"

Eric would not let his authority be questioned like that, especially in front of his men.

The guards hesitated. They didn't enjoy being called insulting names either.

They knew they'd only get beaten up as the guy was clearly stronger than Eric. But Eric was their leader; they knew they had to do as they were told.

Before he could enforce his orders, Peter decided to finish him off with one big kick. Peter kicked Eric so hard so fast that Eric immediately blacked out.

He already beat the crap out of Eric. He didn't mind adding one more solid blow. He did not want to fight all the guards. It was enough to have friction with Eric, but he couldn't risk being on the bad side of all the other guards.

"Call 120!"

"Take him to the hospital!"

The guards were smart enough not to fight Peter. They focused instead on attending to Eric and carrying him out. Peter and Jack were left alone in the room.

"Jack, are you OK?" Peter asked Jack.

head, with a frightened gaze at Peter, his hand clutching his chest. He didn't expect Peter to

to work." Peter smiled

you won't be allowed to stay anymore. He's the cousin of the Head of

is much tougher than Eric. He has really strong connections with some big guy, he'll be a difficult person

concerned about Peter's predicament.

away the suggestion. "Why bother Miss Dai with such a small issue? Plus, I don't believe the Silverland Group would fire me for an incident as petty as

than 2 minutes at work? Haha, nothing good will ever come from that.' Asking

Peter went about his day as he

being carried out by the other security guards earlier that day, and after hearing what happened, started to admire Peter secretly for what he

proposals, for the longest time. It drove them crazy but they couldn't say anything because

as if what Peter did was a stand against him for all the abuse he has caused them, and they appreciated

Do I have something on my face?"

I look handsome today? Is spring coming? Why have I been encountering so many pretty girls

met Elaine and that moody fairy yesterday, and now these two

shyly, hiding her flushed cheeks.

handsome. How about grabbing dinner

Peter hurriedly felt his pockets. "I don't think I have enough

the fuck? What

pretty lady? I have money. I'll get you


you are so silly! Relax, you don't have to

Huang. And this is my friend, Lisa Ye." Shelly said pointing

Peter said with a smile. "My name is Peter Wang. Peter actually means 'stone' in Greek, and..." Peter's introduction was cut short with a yell coming from

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