My Blind Husband

Chapter 947 Gullible Rabbit 

“Let’s wait for a moment,” Damien sighed softly.

It was too difficult to leave in the immediate future. Cherise would face difficulties if she were to step foot out of the house, let alone be in a public area like the airport to embark on a journey to Europe.

He didn’t want Cherise to travel discreetly, nor did he want her to endure criticism and suffering.

Therefore, he set a goal for himself-to resolve the matter concerning Sebastian Weiss within a week, allowing Cherise to venture out with dignity and regain her memory in a tranquil setting. Alternatively, she could choose not to recover her memory.

“How long is a moment?” Cherise blinked at him.

“A week,” the man furrowed his brow. Then he pondered for a moment and grinned, “Perhaps it won’t even take a week.”

After encountering Alain earlier, he realized that dealing with Sebastian wouldn’t be challenging.

always been at odds with him. Otherwise, Alain wouldn’t have bartered with

Yolanda completed her bath and settled on the sofa, pouting

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come, Sebastian would have rescued me. He knows about my obsession with cleanliness. Besides, I was detained because of him, so he

his back to Yolanda, “Silly child, it seems you’ve


stiffly, his aged eyes fixed on Yolanda.

your brother is an innocent little rabbit? Do you believe

flatter yourself! What influence do you possess


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