Chapter 1247 Don't You Trust Her

Clyde's frown deepened, betraying his displeasure as he turned to Brandon.

"Well, does Mr.Larson have any more enlightening suggestions?" he inquired.

With his arms crossed, Brandon elevated his chin and uttered in a hushed tone, "The essence of fashion design lies within the creation, not the creator.A designer's allure to clients hinges on their prowess.Janet possesses that skill.She doesn't require excessive self-promotion."

The retort came swiftly.

"It's called establishing a personal brand, Mr.Larson.Haven't you grasped that yet?"

Dismissing the comment with an indifferent glance, Brandon countered, "Janet's lineage is evident to all.

Exaggerating her self- promotion will only divert public attention towards her background, overshadowing her talents and inciting scrutiny."

With a sneer, Clyde challenged, "I believe Miss White can disperse any negative rumors with her abilities.As her husband, don't you trust her strength?"

His words were a transparent attempt to drive a wedge between the couple.

A fierce glint flashed in Brandon's eyes, barely masking the simmering anger.

"Janet is my wife.I comprehend her nature better than you could, and I'm more devoted to protecting her than you are."

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