Chapter 3

Bloodline was something amazing. Even though Gloria had not seen Nicole for many years, she could recognize the girl in front of her to be Nicole, her biological daughter, at first glance. 

Nicole also had this special feeling. So, when Gloria rushed over and hugged her, she did not resist. 

“Oh, Nicole, I have finally found you.” Gloria choked up. “It was my fault for not protecting you well enough. I was to blame for your abduction.” 

So, her abduction was real. 

Nicole used to wonder why her family abandoned her. Was it because she was a daughter? Now knowing that her loved ones cared about her, Nicole’s heart softened, and the look on her face was not as stony as when they first met. 

“Mom, let sis sit down first. We have come all the way home, and she should be tired by now.” Sean reminded Gloria thoughtfully. 

“Right, right. I am just too happy.” Gloria agreed but did not let go of her grip. She sat Nicole down. 

Seeing the entire family surrounding Nicole, a hint of jealousy flashed in the eyes of the girl next to them. But the girl quickly put on a smile. “Nicole must be thirsty. Let me pour you a glass of water.” 

Only then everyone remembered the girl, Norah Riddle. Seeing Norah so thoughtful, Gloria could not help but feel warmhearted. “Norah is so thoughtful.” 

Norah looked a little bashful as she said, “My sister has just returned from the countryside. I should take care of her more.” 

“Thanks.” Nicole shot her a glance as she took the glass from Norah. 

gaze and made the introduction. “Nicole, this is Norah, whom I have mentioned on

“Ahh,” Nicole responded. 

because they had found a child with a birthmark behind her ear in the third year of Nicole’s

ago had a match. The Riddle family knew they had identified the wrong person. But Norah had been in the Riddle

would need to spend some time under

to meet you, Nicole.” Norah held out her hand with a

like physical contact with people. She was not too warmed up to seeing her parents again, let alone facing strangers. So, she ignored Norah’s hand and just nodded at

looked at Gloria and Daniel with a hint of hurt feeling in her eyes. It was like

frowned. “Nicole is introverted. Please don’t

her lip with a stoic but thoughtful look. “I understand. I have lived using her identity for so many years.

instantly had everyone’s attention on

overthink.” Gloria looked at Norah, feeling sorry for her. Even though Norah was not her biological daughter, she had raised her and still loved

smirked, hating to see Norah making a fuss while

assume that I hate you while saying hello. If it weren’t for the presence of my parents and brothers,

other three people stayed silent upon hearing what Nicole said.

what Norah had said. But now, his frown had eased

glanced at Norah and said, “Well, Nicole

bit her lip and glanced at

she thought that since Nicole was from the countryside, she must be a typical country bumpkin. But Nicole turned out to be extremely beautiful

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