In the backyard of the villa, a helicopter waited on the lawn, ready for immediate departure from San Joto.

"Get in," Lawrence said to Nicole, noticing her momentary pause.

"Alright," Nicole responded, stepping into the helicopter first.

She figured it was best to go along for now, seeing no viable way to escape.

Resistance seemed futile.

With everyone on board, the helicopter lifted off, quickly gaining altitude and leaving the area behind.

As the helicopter shrank to a mere speck in the sky, Doretta made her appearance, her expression one of deep concern.

Without wasting a moment, she hurried away from the scene.

Her destination was clear: the Riddle residence.


here?" "Nicole has been taken by Lawrence," Doretta said

discussing the plan with Nicole,

then, I remembered something and turned back, only to see

them and discovered she was captured by Lawrence's people." Jared's expression darkened when he realized Lawrence

return, they might not have found out

have Max

rescue her immediately," Jared

said, shaking her

but she signaled me not to reveal myself and to bring the message to you instead." She was shocked at Nicole's gesture, but she refrained from attempting a rescue and chose to follow

'It must be so, otherwise why

they've left ona

San Joto." "Did she say anything else?" Jared's eyes narrowed slightly, indicating that since Nicole willingly left

going to Mecrounia." Jared fell silent


leaving right away." "Okay." Doretta agreed and

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