Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 9

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 9

“We’ve found some clues,” Finnick stated simply.

“That’s great!” Another grin appeared on Stiles’ face. “And here I was, wondering how you were going to repay her for what she had done. I had hoped that you would offer yourself up to her, but it turns out that you’ve already given yourself to another woman.”

Finnick completely ignored his friend’s shameless teasing.

Stiles pouted a little, seeing as he was unable to get a rise out of the other man. Then, his gaze shifted to Finnick’s wheelchair as his eyes gleamed. “Finnick, have you told your wife about your legs yet?”

Finnick, who had been scrolling through the finance department reports, stopped moving his mouse.

A few beats later, he muttered, “No.”

Stiles furrowed his brows. “Finnick, it’s not that I want to be a nag, but it really doesn’t matter what reason you’ve married her for. Since you’re already husband and wife, are you sure that you still want to keep the truth from her? Maybe…”

Here he paused for several seconds, debating on whether or not he should continue. At long last, he gritted his teeth and forged on, “Maybe you should try to accept your new wife. You can’t always live in the shadows of the past.”

He was all too familiar with Finnick’s personality. Although Finnick had insisted that the only reason that he had married the woman was to deal with his grandfather, there was no way that he would accept marriage and living together with her, unless he had truly liked her.

Finnick did not speak. A short while later, he was done reading through the reports. Only then did he respond in a soft voice.

“I can’t forget about her.”

Stiles was rather stunned.

He took a closer look at Finnick’s face, noticing the calm indifference on it. Pity flashed in his eyes.

The car accident that had happened ten years ago was a nightmare for everyone.

Everybody thought that Finnick had lost the use of his legs in that car crash.

It turned out that they were all wrong.

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