Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 13

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 13

When Finnick announced that, his tone was still relatively indifferent. However, when Vivian heard his words, she felt an indescribable sense of pressure being weighed upon her.

His obsidian eyes were seemingly calm, yet brooding and unfathomable. Vivian found that she could make sense of his emotions at all.

By then, Finnick had already finished applying the ointment on her chin. Lowering her gaze, Vivian soon muttered aloud, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Finnick calmly placed the ointment aside. “I don’t like it when someone else leaves a mark on you.”

Vivian’s body stiffened again.

Although she had merely kept silent, it felt as though Finnick was aware of everything that was going on.

Upon feeling the sudden, cool sensation on her chin, Vivian came to realize that Finnick was far more domineering and indecipherable than she had initially expected.

“Okay,” responded Vivian as she lowered her head. Unknowingly, her palms had already started to perspire.

“Rest early.” Finnick wheeled his wheelchair around. “I’ll sleep in the guest room today.”

With that said, he left the room immediately, without stopping to wait for Vivian’s reply.

In the room, Vivian slumped against the soft bed, not feeling the slightest hint of drowsiness.

Upon receiving the IV drip the next morning, Vivian was increasingly energized. Hence, she decided to go to work. However, when she stood up to pack her bag, she realized that her bag was gone. Instead, a branded bag stood in its place.

“Molly.” When she saw Molly coming up to clean the room, she queried, “Where is my bag?”

“Ma’am, your bag was drenched by the rain yesterday. Hence, Mr. Norton had instructed someone to buy you a new one.”

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