Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 17

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 17

Vivian cleared her throat and tried to sound as casual as she could. She did not want Finnick to find out about what happened. “Oh, I didn’t manage to have a meal with them in the end. I caught a cold so I excused myself.”

Over on the other end, Finnick did not reply immediately. He felt something was off but was contemplating if he should pursue the matter. “Where are you now?” He decided to drop the matter and give her some space in the end.

“Well, I’m at Yves Mansion. Why don’t you grab something to eat first? And could you ask Molly to prepare some soup? I’ll have it when I reach home.”

Again, there was silence on the other side. Vivian looked at her phone and found out that it had switched off automatically because it ran out of battery.

Damn it! Now of all times?

How am I supposed to go back now?

She tried switching it back on but it just did not work. She stomped her foot in frustration and looked around desperately as she tried to recall the location of the nearest bus stop.

But it was not long before she felt a sharp pain in her ankle. Her high feels were giving her blisters and it hurt badly.

Vivian groaned and shook her head weakly. It was really an unlucky day for her.

The Yves Mansion’s neighborhood was huge and she found herself wandering in the same place even after walking for a few minutes.

her body. A shiver went down Vivian’s spine and she pulled her cardigan tighter around her thin body

take a turn into another road,

aside and squinted to see if it was a cab. To her dismay, it was a private car—a

was I even expecting? A cab in a posh neighborhood like this

frowned and took a closer look at the car as it slowed down

This car

closer and finally stopped right in

and down from the car ramp came an attractive young man

none other than

him clearly. But from the outline of his body and his chiseled jaw, Vivian could tell with just one glance it

hardest moments in her life, even if she was not expecting him to come over this

a smile broke out on his face as he looked up at her.

to see me?” Finnick teased

and grinned. “Of course I’m happy to see

was true. She was happy to see

whenever she was stranded. He had always been the light at the end of

smile on her face, Finnick beamed with pleasure. “Let’s

her ankle as she walked toward him. But the blister burst and she halted her steps all of a sudden,

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