Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 21

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 21

Vivian forced herself to stay calm as she asked, “You’re going to the bathroom too, Mr. Hark?”

“Of course not…” Mr. Hark slurred, scooting over to her. Vivian recoiled at the alcoholic stench that his body emitted. “I’m here for you…”

Vivian almost puked at the sound of that.

You’re here for me?

You could almost be my father at this age!

“That’s really funny, Mr. Hark,” Vivian said, giving him a strained smile. She put a hand against the wall and tried to walk towards the ladies’ bathroom, only for him to grab her by the arm.

“Hey, Ms. William… Don’t you like me?” Mr. Hark drawled.

Of course not!

Vivian resisted the urge to snap at him for the sake of her job. “Mr. Hark, you’re drunk.”

“Haha! It doesn’t matter! I can still have my way with you!” Mr. Hark sneered, moving over to pin Vivian against the wall with his large belly. “I’ll show you just how good I am in bed!”

Vivian glared at him and started to struggle against him. “Hey! Watch your words, Mr. Hark!”

Her struggling irritated Mr. Hark, and his smirk turned into a scowl. “Stop resisting, Vivian William! The Chief Editor practically handed you over to me!”

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