Never Late, Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 35

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 35

When Vivian recalled why Finnick suddenly stood up that night, she blushed. Yet, she said with a smile, “A couple should trust each other.”

Xavier’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Vivian. He asked, “Vivian, did Finnick ever tell you why he pretends to be crippled?”

Taken aback, Vivian shook her head.

Finnick had said that it was better if she remained oblivious to certain things. Hence, she never pestered him for the answer.

“Ten years ago, a car accident happened to Finnick.” On the other hand, Xavier did not seem to have any reservations and told her outright. “Everyone thought that Finnick became crippled due to that accident. In reality, he only got injured and was fully healed after going to A Nation.”

Vivian searched her memories. She seemed to have read about his car accident in the news.

Back then, at barely 20 years old, Finnick had just started college. However, someone kidnapped him and demanded an exorbitant ransom. This created a huge commotion then as the news dominated the headlines for a long time.

with the second son of the Norton family as their hostage. Unexpectedly, they got into a car accident mid-way. The kidnappers died on the spot, while the son of the

most of the details were strictly withheld from the public, no one knew that his legs were injured. They only knew that

“So, after being healed at A Nation, he still pretends

his head to the

Vivian was amused.

is completely different from Finnick. With a personality like that, he’s probably

to contemplate it. “Does he want the Norton family to drop their guard against

pretended to be crippled. Hence, she had her

elite families, she was not completely clueless either. She could guess that the Norton family had a role to play in why Finnick went to

that Mark was an extremely ambitious and ruthless man. Now that the elder Mr. Norton was getting old, Mark was the one running the

route that had nothing to do with the Norton family. He started a business on his own probably to avoid a conflict with his

be crippled because he was wary

listening to her explanation, a hint of admiration crept into Xavier’s eyes as he gazed at her.

chuckled embarrassedly. “I watch too

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