No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Gareth Wickam finally came home after the dinner had gone cold.

Smack! He tossed a divorce agreement before Elisa Benett.

“Your cousin is awake, and I have promised her that she would be the only Mrs. Wickam in her lifetime.

Elisa, it’s time to sign the agreement.

We are getting a divorce.” Since Elisa’s cousin had regained consciousness one month ago, Elisa expected this to happen eventually.

Still, she looked up at him and asked bitterly, “You still don’t believe me?” Gareth sneered and said, “You have always been a greedy and vain woman.

Why should I believe you? Elisa, don’t make me repeat it again.

Sign the agreement, and this villa is yours.

This is my parting gift to you!” Ha… Elisa’s eyes flashed with mockery.

Does he think he is showing me mercy by not making me leave with nothing?

She picked up the divorce agreement he threw at her and saw that he had already signed at his signature block.

Elisa’s breath stuck in her throat.

Her eyes felt a little warm from tears.

However, she soon regained her composure and looked at him.

“Did Grandma agree? “What makes you think Grandma is able to support you forever?” Gareth looked at her coldly.

got married in the

Elisa, don’t be greedy.

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there any difference?” Gareth’s face


had sent Elisa numerous photos

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the point of me clinging to this marriage? Thus, Elisa crossed out the term about Gareth gifting her

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Gareth and said indifferently, “Give me an

things and leave.” Gareth pursed his

“This villa is yours.


lived here, so…” Elisa chuckled before

Gareth’s anger and appeared as her usual docile self before pushing him out

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suddenly looked at the men’s Rolex watch in

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one million, but Elisa threw it into the trash can

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on, I will only live for myself! Then, she left the villa and hailed

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was living with the Wickam family, she had never stepped foot in her villa

to say in unison, “Welcome, Mrs. Wickam.” Elisa put down her luggage and slumped on the

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