No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 3

Chapter 3

you to fight over me.” Elisa looked at Linda with derision. She never knew her cousin was such a good actress. Her innocent act disgusted Elisa. Before Gareth could speak, Elisa said, “My cousin has been yearning to be Mrs. Wickam for a long time. Why don’t you marry her quickly so that she stops sending me disgusting messages?” Linda’s expression changed upon hearing the word ‘message’. She said quickly, “Elisa, I’ve explained to you many times. I don’t wish to ruin your marriage. Gareth is only feeling guilty that I fell into a coma from saving him, so he wishes to make it up to me. There is nothing between us.” Gareth looked at Elisa with disdain. “There’s no use explaining to her. Let’s go.” However, Elisa stopped Gareth before he could leave with Linda. “Why don’t we obtain our divorce order now? That way we each can marry whoever else we want and have nothing to do with each other.” Linda clenched her hands for a moment. Gareth told me they have divorced. After all this, why has he still not gotten the divorce order? Suddenly, Linda’s expression turned solemn. “Elisa, there is nothing between me and Gareth. If it makes you unhappy, I won’t meet with him anymore.” Then, she turned to Gareth and was on the verge of tears. “Garry, I’m sorry for causing a misunderstanding between you and Elisa, so I will leave now. You should coax her. Ladies like to be coaxed.” Linda left right after saying that. Gareth glared at Elisa and said coldly, “I’m not free. My assistant will contact you, so get ready.” Then, he ran after Linda. Charli stood stunned and felt indignant for Elisa. “Elisa, thank goodness you divorced him! This trash is unworthy of you.” How can Iris bear such indignity? I couldn‘t get involved because it is her family matters. How I wish I can bash up that Linda! She is a devious b*tch! “Charli, did you say Gareth will have to compensate tens of billions if he loses this law suit?” Charli was still daydreaming about bashing up Linda and replied in confusion, “Yes, why?” Elisa glanced at the window calmly. “Charli, I need you to contact

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