No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Success for Linda Benett

Will chuckled, “Naturally. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even think of pursuing this lawsuit.”

But he wasn’t referring to this lawsuit in particular.

Of course, Elisa immediately understood what he meant. She put down her cup and avoided looking at him, “If it weren’t for this lawsuit and banquet, we wouldn’t be working together. Don’t worry, Mr. Darcey.”

Will’s eyes widened in surprise. She wouldn’t say this with such firmness if she wasn’t certain about it. She obviously didn’t want to do this. If he hadn’t looked for her, her plan with Gareth would be for naught.

“I can tell you straight up that we won’t work together after this lawsuit ends.”

Elisa picked up her chopsticks and continued eating. Obviously ignoring Will.

Will watched her, waiting for a crack in her act. He chuckled, “As I expect of the enigmatic, Miss Iris. I never knew who Elisa Benett was. The person I met and the person who I hope to work together with is none other than Iris.”

Elisa arched an eyebrow at him and stayed quiet.

He could say whatever he wanted, and she would not care because she felt nothing for him.

three years for one man. She had spent it all and would never feel this way again. She

chain smoke when he returned to his room. Previously, out of respect for Linda, he

herself a pretty calm person, but right now, she started to feel flustered. She

she managed to choke on it

at her and wordlessly snuffed out the

choked a little. It wasn’t because of

a clear voice saying, “Smoking is bad for you! Babe,

Gareth suddenly felt irritated.

only after she had spoken that she probably shouldn’t have said anything. The best thing she could do at that moment was to stay silent. Right now, he could

became quiet once

felt. He shot to his feet. “Eat without

He then left abruptly.

Linda’s chest tightened!

that Elisa! She had a hold

tried to do some damage control. “Gareth, I’m not hungry. Let’s


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