No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 21

Chapter 21 It’s Just an Unfortunate Situation

Elisa sighed. “Grandma, you know that he doesn’t love me. He’ll just hate me more if we keep this farce up. Right now, the best thing for the both of us is a divorce. Grandma, let us do this. It’s a chance for the both of us to be happy.”

Elisa’s voice was clearly more strained at the end of her plea.

Julia’s face turned pale.

Elisa was such a good granddaughter-in-law!

How could that stupid grandson of mine let her go so easily?!

It looked like they had already decided to divorce. Nothing Julia could say now would change their mind. She couldn’t be that selfish no matter how much she adored Elisa and wanted her to stay married to Gareth…

Gareth never cared for Elisa. He never even brought his wife home during the three years they were married! This was not what a decent man would do! He did not fulfil his husbandly duties. Forcing them to stay together would only hurt Elisa.


Julia really hated the thought of them separating… She felt so conflicted!

all she wanted to do was call Gareth and yell at him! She

“Elisa. Wait a minute, I’m going to


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that you looked after me all these years. But… Somethings just aren’t meant to be. Gareth’s and my relationship have come to an end, however that shouldn’t affect

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what to say. After a long pause, she finally said, “…

Grandma’s approval. She would no longer put pressure on Gareth. She chuckled, “So… Could you not call him to

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of the good ones. Gareth is making the biggest mistake of his life by letting you go.

person to show her kindness ever since she married into

I got it. Thank you for

head exasperatedly. She sighed, “Don’t thank me. I should be thanking you. You’ve suffered so much here and yet you’ve never complained nor griped. I should

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