No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 24

Chapter 24 It’s All in The Past Now

Vincent couldn’t bear the shame of losing that match. How could he lose to a woman with so many people watching!

“It’s just money! I have more than I need anyways!” He muttered.

Rachel snorted. “Remember this well! Sooner or later, it’ll be mine!” Vincent declared.

“Dream on!” Rachel spat.

Vincent stomped off in a huff.

Rachel was in a much better mood. She tugged onto Elisa’s hand, “Let’s go, dear!”

Elisa followed her without a word and they both hopped into the car. Rachel place both hands on the wheel and asked her, “Shall we go eat? Do you need to make dinner for your husband tonight?”

Elisa hesitated before replying, “Let’s go out.”

the car when she froze

to make dinner for your husband. You kept telling me how you wanted to stay at home and be a good wife.

pursed her

for wasting so much time

was off. “Isn’t he treating you

her head. “Let’s go

trying to change the subject, Rachel grabbed her hand. “Tell me the truth. What happened? Did you guys fight? How could he treat you like


they fight when they

the same. “What’s happened then?” She

“We’re divorced.”

is my best friend. I can’t


eyes practically bulging in shock. She would have leaped to her feet if

papers have been signed. I’m just waiting for him to find the

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