No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

No Chance Of Remarriage: Get Lost Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Don’t Fall Into His Trap!

At that moment, Julia was contemplating who could be a right fit for Elisa. She took her phone and was about to investigate the backgrounds of several decent young men.

Suddenly, a news notification appeared.

‘Mrs. Wickam, Whose Husband Is Darcey’s Group Competitor, Spotted in the Passenger Seat With Darcey Group’s President’

Julia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the title.

Will Darcey was the infamous playboy in the city. Even someone like Julia, who rarely read the news, was aware that he was a pleasure seeker. A flirty punk like him is totally out of Elisa’s league. This must be a clickbait!

At that thought, Julia clicked into the news.

To her surprise, she saw a picture of Elisa getting out of Will’s car, and their faces were captured clearly!

This is outrageous!

Julia immediately gave Elisa a call, but…

number you have dialed is not reachable. Please try again

the phone with

other hand, Elisa was on

getting late. What are you wailing about at this hour? Didn’t you sing

this soon! You’re moving on at

brows. “What

acting dumb! The news about Mrs. Wickam spotted in Will Darcey’s car is all over

Elisa was startled.

a trending topic?

still dumbfounded,

to Rachel,

squeaked reluctantly, “Alright then. Fill me in on your stories

to tell. Now go to

up the call with Rachel and

the call was

now and might want to seek delight from other men, but

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