Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 11: Visiting Elizabeth Jones 

Jennifer's POV: 

Today was the first day of the training.

Carson only asked us to gather together in order to emphasize how important discipline was, and briefly introduce the content of the training.

Then, he dismissed us and told us to go back and get some rest.

After all, we had just arrived here today.

The formal training would begin tomorrow.

Although the trainees were dismissed, I had to follow Prince Anthony's order and stay behind in the training ground.

Skylar wanted to stay with me, but I persuaded her to go back.

With tears in her eyes, she took one last look at me before leaving reluctantly.

Everyone knew that I was going to be punished for being late.

All the other trainees left the training ground one after another.

Before leaving, Barbara shot me a gloating smile.

After the other trainees had left, Carson also left at Prince Anthony's instruction, leaving only me, the prince, and his two attendants in the vast training ground.

"Mr.Jones," I greeted, bowing to Prince Anthony.

"Have you realized your fault?" Anthony asked in a cold tone as usual.

"Yes.I shouldn't have come late.No matter what, I should abide by the rules.Since I broke the rules, I have to be punished," I replied respectfully with my head down.

"Good." Prince Anthony gave me a nod of approval.

Then, he pointed at the obstacle course behind him and said, "Your punishment is to pass through the entire obstacle course in thirty seconds."

When I took a better look at the area behind him, I gasped in shock.

On the wide field, there were so many obstacles, such as three-step piles, a ditch, a low wall, a high jumping platform, a single plank bridge, a high wall, and so on.

How would I be able to clear all of them in thirty seconds? It would only be possible if I grew wings and flew over them.

"What? Do you have any objection?" Prince Anthony asked, raising his eyebrow.

"No, not at all, Mr.Jones!"

field, not

always meant what he said.It was

tried to bargain with him, I would probably receive an

by one, I began to

stood by the side, personally keeping

cleared the obstacles, it took me

heard the time from him, my face turned red

was nowhere near thirty seconds! Prince Anthony started the

I went through the obstacles over and over

that it was a little

gradually learned to clear the obstacles in the most efficient way I could to shorten

my clothes were soaked with sweat, which dripped down on the

was shining high in the sky, and I felt hot and

Anthony was here with me, I


a half minutes, one minute, fifty seconds… I didn't know how many times I

panting and on the verge of collapse,

right there.I finally made it! After exerting myself for so long, I used up all

my limbs were numb, and I felt as

I must look extremely messy and

covered with a mixture


I would be late after this! I couldn't go through such a torturous punishment

done!" Prince Anthony looked down at me

tired?" I was

things? To me, it seemed like he was smiling.  His sudden tenderness left

cold-faced prince actually praising me? And was

can hold

was, I couldn't help but

close to me, I was dazed for

the most handsome man

back and have a rest." Prince

take you to see my mother in the afternoon." Prince Anthony asked me to be his mate only

hear that he wanted to take me to visit her.I suddenly

here, the only clothes I had were the worn-out rags that I had

were the clothes I'd worn

such clothes in front of Mrs.Elizabeth Jones, let alone as her son's mate. I clutched my clothes

ask someone to prepare clothes for you."  Hearing Prince Anthony's words, I breathed

I arrived at the seaside port as Prince Anthony had asked.His private yacht

prepared clothes for

the yacht, I changed into the beautiful court-style dress and

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