Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 13: Special Training 

Jennifer's POV: 


Barbara broke out into curses and covered her head with her hands to avoid my attack.

"Bitch, are you tired of living? How dare you hit me?!"

"Miss Barbara, it's training time now," I reminded her with a smile before punching her again.

This time, I hit her nose.

Barbara screamed and staggered back a few steps, as if she hadn't expected my punch.

She raised her fingers to her nostrils, and when she lowered them again, there was scarlet liquid on her fingers.

She was having a nosebleed.

Watching Barbara make a fool of herself in public, the other trainees couldn't help but burst into laughter.

She was so angry that her nose twitched.

"Bitch, I'll fight you to the death!" she screamed and rushed over like a heathen, grabbing at me and trying to scratch me wherever she could.

But while she was flapping around in a frenzy of anger, I was calm and composed, making her look like a clown.

Smack! I slapped her right across her cheek.

Bang! I kicked Barbara away, causing her to fall to the ground and roll around a few times before stopping, with mud all over her face.

"I'm sorry, Miss Barbara." I was basking in the joy of seeing her be so miserable.

"I didn't mean it.Next time, I'll try my best to be gentle."

After all, Barbara had bullied me non-stop in the past. I would make her pay the price for it.

"Bitch, go to hell!" Flying into a rage, Barbara scrambled to her feet and charged at me again.

"Miss Barbara, why are you always arrogant? This is the price you have to pay for provoking me," I sneered as I blocked her moves with ease.

"Defeat me if you can."

"Bitch! Bitch!"

Faced with my bombardment of attacks, Barbara had no strength to resist.She could only shout

 "Do you think you're so powerful? You are doomed to lose! Contrary to her words, Barbara was on the losing side.She couldn't defend against most of my attacks, let alone deal them back to me.There was no room for her to fight back.

In the end, she was the one who lost, and even became a laughing stock in front of the whole crowd.By the time this round of training was over, Barbara's face was black and blue.She was in a terrible condition.

Looking at her, Daniel couldn't help laughing.

He gave me a thumbs up and praised me for the fighting skills I had displayed.

"Jennifer, you're awesome.You are the most powerful girl I have ever seen."

"Thank you,"I said with a shy smile.

Daniel had a high status too, but he was nothing like Barbara, who always looked down on other people.

Maybe I could become friends with him.

first round of training ended soon enough, and then it was

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a gentle

arms wrapped around my waist from

know? I've been missing you recently.I can't stop

are you trying to

immediately, I yanked myself out of the man's disgusting embrace and

that the stranger was

How annoying!

don't try to play such cheap tricks on me.We have already rescinded the mate

past.But now, we can sit down

reached out his hand toward

"You are so disgusting!"

I slapped his hand away and growled,

expect that little action would irritate

you want to sleep with me?

of my head with his other hand

response, and that only made

We started to wrestle.

pull me closer while I tried to get

of the rest of

around us and began

and I froze at

turned around, there stood

the training ground only for inspection now and then? Why was he here again today? How unlucky that he caught us in this situation! Was I going to

can you fight openly on the training ground? Do you want

Anthony snapped

tie a twenty-kilogram sandbag on your back and do 2, 000 push-ups.You're not allowed to go back to your dormitory

prince announced Kevin's punishment in

help but feel smug when

decision, but no matter


to the team for the time being.After the training

Anthony declared that I was also

Kevin harassed me.I was forced to fight

couldn't accept that I was getting punished as well and

Anthony didn't even allow me

punished, and I

asked me to stay behind

days since I arrived at Marge

a row? I was the unluckiest werewolf ever! After all,

was just trying

it, I

today's training

everyone else left the training ground, I walked

me today?" I asked curtly, fuming

family, no matter what.But today, I wasn't reconciled

stay behind to actually give you punishment," Prince

saw your training today.Among this group of trainees, you are

a long time, I was stunned.

was really smiling at me! The way the corners of his mouth

He knew how strong I was? My dissatisfaction with

be stronger,"

and defending training again.But this time, you have to take me

was a little excited at his suggestion, I

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