Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 7: Saving Her Again 

Jennifer's POV: 

I made it! My knees were ready to give out at any moment, but when I saw Prince Anthony's gaze of approval, I felt that everything was worth it.

I sincerely thanked him again and again for helping me.

Now, I could attend the elite training.

I had finally taken the first step on the path of revenge.

After the trials were over, I lingered behind in the competition field for a while and silently watched Prince Anthony.

Standing in the distance, he just glanced at me and left.

I was confused.

Didn't he know about our mate bond? After the ceremony, the crowd dispersed.

I left the competition field with wounds all over my  body.

Werewolves recovered at an extremely fast speed, so I didn't care about these injuries at all.

Besides, I wasn't afraid of pain.

The only thing I was afraid of was not being able to avenge my father.

On the way back home, I was walking past an alley when I heard a voice from behind.

"Bitch, do you think you're all that just because you got selected? I'll make it impossible for you to attend the training!"

It was Barbara.

When I turned around to face her, I saw that she was accompanied by four other she-wolves.

These she-wolves were her lackeys; they would do whatever she ordered them to.

The five of them seemed to be waiting here for me.

Barbara pointed at me and ordered, "Don't show any mercy.

Beat this bitch to death!"

As soon as she finished her words, the four she-wolves pounced on me at the same time.

My leg was injured, so I couldn't dodge them in time.

Damn it! Wasn't Barbara tired of picking on me like this? The she-wolves scratched my skin and hit me everywhere.

Their expressions were ferocious, and they had crazed looks in their eyes.

Blood began dripping from the scratches on my face, and I felt a burning pain.

Barbara didn't join them.

She just stood aside and appreciated the miserable situation I was in.

Beat this bitch to death.How dare she steal

to give up.I couldn't let them

a cold sweat, but I endured it and fought back with all

couldn't change the

used up almost all of my strength

Gradually, they overpowered me.

them kicked me in the abdomen, making me recoil

whole time, Barbara was laughing wildly as she watched the

a sudden, her

vision, I saw her

going on? Why was she running away so abruptly? A tall

she-wolves who had been beating me up suddenly

one of them

"Fuck off!"

Prince Anthony said coldly.

have to be told

this moment, my head was heavy, and I was hanging onto the

with a noble aura, I felt as if I found a glimmer

"Get up."

Anthony stretched out his

and slowly approached his

was like an angel sent from heaven to

Anthony's POV: 

Jennifer didn't look well.

the trials, I wanted to escort her back in person, but I knew that it would

taking a look at her, I left the

worried about her, so I dismissed my servants and went back to find

that my

her being punched and kicked by a group of

to fight back, I could see that she was drained of all her

ran away at the sight

eyelids kept

my hand to

seemed that my mate was in a

Jennifer stood up

was not the first time I had held her in my arms, and I was gradually getting

I...I can walk

carried her all

on the bed, I stood by the side, not knowing

else before.Was I supposed to get her a glass of water? I looked around and found that the room seemed to have been rummaged

were strewn all over the

couldn't even find a glass

here was even more miserable than


mate!"Zane urged in

to cooperate with me and

want to expose your feelings like this, but I have to say, it's obvious that you like Jennifer! You're just too embarrassed to

"Shut up."


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