Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 23: Discharged From Hospital 

Anthony's POV: 

On the training ground, shouts could be heard one after another.

As I stood aside and watched the trainees practice, I suddenly felt very irritable.

I had been feeling this way for the past several days.

I often became absent -minded for no reason.

Neil was chatting with someone by his side.

I wasn't in the mood to stay any longer, so I turned to leave.

"Was he absent every night?"

"Half the time.Some nights, he would come back, but very late, and sometimes, he wouldn't return to the dormitory at night at all."

"I didn't expect Daniel to be so disobedient! I'll ask him about it later."

When I heard Daniel's name, I stopped in my tracks.

I knew that Daniel had always been close to Jennifer.

The two of them had complained about me to each other.

And once, when Jennifer's leg was injured, Daniel went to see her with medicine.

But why wasn’t he returning to the dormitory at night these days? Later that day, my mother came to see me.

I knew that she had gone to visit Jennifer.

Since my mother was in poor health, I had advised her to come back early, and she had agreed.

But now, after the visit, she didn't seem to be in a good mood.

"You brat!"she snapped as soon as she saw me.

"Jennifer is going to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow.You haven't gone to the hospital to see her even once.What the hell is going on in that head of yours? Is something wrong between you and Jennifer?"

"It's nothing like that.Don’t worry too much.The most important thing for you is to take good care of your own health," I said, trying to sound assuring.

However, she continued to glare at me, utterly unconvinced.

"If there was nothing wrong, then why would Daniel come to the hospital to visit her? At this rate, he'll snatch your mate away in no time! Aren't you worried?"

Daniel? At the hospital? I had been hearing his name too many times today.

mean Daniel came to the hospital to take care of Jennifer?" I asked

it seems that he has been going there every evening to take care of Jennifer, after finishing his training in the daytime.And unlike you, he manages to make time for both! Are you really


could think about was the reason that Daniel hadn't been going back to his dormitory at

spending almost every night together

two of them get along while they were all alone? Would they fall in

Jennifer up from the hospital

stormed off without giving me a chance to refute.I couldn't argue with her threat even

couldn't tell her that Jennifer and

my forehead and let out

outside, but

that Jennifer and Daniel must be together right

Jennifer was very beautiful.

bright eyes blinked, it was as if an

had a perfect figure, with

attractive from

would be able to

die for the chance to have sex

I always restrained myself

off, I had a nightmare where Daniel did all kinds of things to Jennifer

angry that I wanted to teach that bastard a good lesson, but Jennifer stopped me and told me that she

jerked awake from the nightmare, I was covered in

and wiped the

Jennifer wouldn't do

drove to the hospital early in the

I drove as fast as I

at the hospital without having to slow down even

the cold wind blew into the car through the

stopped the car at the gate of the hospital, finding it hard to understand what I

going to do that? Was I really going to tie Jennifer up

had come here to pick up

one hand, and supporting


of my mouth before I could even think about it, and my

who were about to get in the car turned their heads to look in my

confusion, but soon,


of the car, closed the car

out and

"Let's go,"

I told Jennifer.

to intend

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