Outcast: The Alpha King's Beloved

Chapter 363: The Past Between Roy And Cynthia 

Cynthia's POV: 

Just as I turned around to leave, Roy suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed to the ground.

"Oh, my God!" I immediately knelt beside him to help him up.

"Roy, what's wrong?"

When I saw his face, I found that he was extremely pale and sickly.

"Roy, what happened?"

Jennifer and Anthony both rushed to help us when they saw Roy faint out of nowhere.

"Did you get injured in the fight with Larry?" Morgan pursed his lips worriedly.

"Mrs.Jones, can you ask the doctors to treat Roy as well?"

I hoisted Roy's arm over my shoulder to support him.

Anxious for his health, I turned to Jennifer pleadingly.

Before Jennifer could answer me, Roy shook his head weakly.

"No need.I just suffered some flesh wounds.I can use an incantation to treat it myself."

"Don't exhaust yourself, Roy."

Jennifer eyed Roy worriedly.

"Don't worry, Mrs.Jones.I know my own body.Thanks for the concern though."

Roy smiled feebly and tried to stand on his own two feet.

It pained me to see Roy being so stubborn, but I knew him well.

He probably didn't want to inconvenience Jennifer at a time as critical as this.

"I'll help him," I said resolutely.

"Don't worry, everyone.I'll take good care of him with my healing magic."

Morgan and Jennifer looked at me dubiously, but I nodded at them reassuringly.

Seeing this, they finally nodded.

"Thank you, Cynthia," Jennifer said gratefully.

"No, I don't want to bother you—" Roy started to say anxiously.

"It's fine, Roy!" I interrupted him, shaking my head firmly.

"Let's go."

After saying goodbye to everyone, I helped Roy back to his room.

Roy kept trying to persuade me to go

don't want to take up any more of your time.Just go

Roy kept saying.

sure you get

looked at him seriously

pushing yourself past your limit.We're

finally fell

we arrived at Roy's door, he said, "Okay, we're here.I can heal myself

was already expecting this from

see him in

used to love him.I had seen every side

and rest.Do you really think I'm incapable of caring for

the bed, I turned around to ask a maid to fetch a thin

do as I said, I went to prepare a cup of magic tonic drink for Roy to quench

drink this." I handed the

like bitter stuff, so

at me and his

not so particular with bitter food now.I'm


this, I heaved a

out my


wounds, I stole glances at his face from time to time.He had been

was done, I

I'm sorry if I make you feel uncomfortable.I just want you to feel

had broken up so many years ago, so it

help but feel a

Roy didn't answer me.

I said, "Okay.I won't

turned around

"Wait! Don't go, Cynthia!"

Roy's voice sounded from behind

I turned around and met Roy's eyes, I was

wrong, Roy?"I asked

silence, Roy

I smiled gently.

no need to apologize.I

you an apology.I was too cowardly back then.I let you down.I'm sorry.Cynthia, you deserve a better man," Roy said loudly, locking eyes

dropped to the floor.I didn't expect Roy to

don't care about

spoke, my voice trembled slightly.I quickly lowered my head to hide the tears welling up in my

weren't meant to have a

of the room without looking back and shut the door behind

the door, I wiped away my tears with the back

was I crying? I didn't want to cry, but for some reason, tears kept streaming down my_ face

whispered under my

all these years, I still

Roy's POV: 

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