Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies By Pink Dolphin

Powerful Papa With Triplet Babies Chapter 515

Chapter 515

Nigel was a light sleeper who reacted when he heard movement.

When he heard someone calling his name, he looked at the bed in disbelief and stood up in a hurry. “Sarah,

are you awake? Don’t talk. I’ll call the doctor over.”

Then, Nigel hurriedly rang the bell beside the bed. Not long after, the doctor and nurse arrived and gave

Sarah a full body examination.

Sarah no longer needed to wear an oxygen mask and could breathe normally.

“It’s a miracle! I thought you’d be in a coma for at least half a year! You’re recovering very well,” said the


Nigel asked, “Nothing will happen again, right?”

“She’ll be fine since she’s awake now. But if you’re worried, she can stay in the hospital for a few days for


“Can she eat now?”

“Yes, but only a liquid diet for now. After all, she hasn’t eaten for so long.”

“Okay, thank you, doctor! Thank you very much!” Nigel was emotional.

Nigel called the restaurant and asked

delivered. He even specially requested

up the phone, he asked Sarah, who was staring

you feel

Sarah’s throat was uncomfortable, and

a glass of water for her and let her sip it with

“Drink some water.”

two sips, and her throat felt a lot

for a long, long

asked, “Have I been in the hospital for a long

“Yes, almost two weeks.”

Sarah could imagine the severity of her accident.

all the time? Where’s

waking up that

When he was reminded of it, he avoided Sarah’s gaze

leave Luton. You

forgot about this matter, and

in this car accident, Anne won’t get

time! Anthony is

mad…you just woke up, so pay

to tell Sarah about Anne

due to her

weakly and looked at Nigel. “Is your wife

being here?”


to fully recover before telling her the

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