With tears on her face, Aura rushed to Joshua worriedly, wanting to throw herself into his arms, but…

Joshua’s left arm held Nellie and his right arm supported Luna, and it left no space for her at all.
At that moment, Joshua, Luna, and Nellie looked like a family that loved and supported each other.
Aura stopped in her tracks. The bitterness in the woman’s eyes spread like vines.
The medical staff quickly placed Luna and Nellie onto the stretchers and carried them into the ambulance.

“Joshua, you scared me to death! ” Waiting for the ambulance to leave, Aura brought her head close to Joshua’s chest. ” I cried so much! I thought I’d never see you again…”
Joshua took a step back calmly.
“Sir!” Lucas rushed over in surprise, face swollen and littered with bruises. “Are you okay? I thought that brat was lying to me, but he knew what he was doing and saved you!”
Joshua raised his eyebrows slightly. “What brat?” Lucas quickly told Joshua what he had seen in the control room.
“The little boy looks to be about the same age as Ms. Nellie. I thought he was stirring up trouble, but he saved you!”

The tall man frowned slightly. “Where is he?” “I lost him, so I came to find you, but…“Lucas
glanced at the two security guards who had been subdued by the bodyguards in the distance. “These two people and the little boy are working together. I managed to detain them! “
Joshua glanced at the two security guards calmly, then lifted his legs and walked over.

obviously did a good deed. It’s fine if you don’t want to thank us, but why are you detaining us here?” “Yes, we’re security guards working at this amusement park. We’ll be fired for negligence. We need to get back to our jobs!” Joshua motioned to the bodyguards to let them go. ” What’s your relationship with the kid?“ The two security guards glanced at each other. “No… nothing. He gave

“Back then, it was chaotic outside, but the people in the main control room were listening to their music like everything was fine, so we slammed the door open while the little guy went to operate the machine! “
“Unexpectedly, he could operate such a complicated machine so well at a young age!”
“Mr. Lynch.”
At that moment, a medical staff called him to board the ambulance. “Your wound will need to be treated in the hospital.”
Joshua’s palm that had just been cut by the iron sheet still bled…
He frowned and said, “Get me the CCTV recording; I want to know who this kid is.
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