“Yes, Blue Bay Villa. It belongs to Mr. Lynch.”

The man’s voice on the other end of the phone sounded exasperated, “The Little Princess is in desperate need of someone to help her with her bath, and she chose you immediately. Come quickly!”
With that, the man hung up the phone.
Luna frowned as she raised her head and looked at Neil before her. “This is the job you found me?”
The boy nodded as he went toward her and held her hand. “Mommy, I know you’re back for a reason. It’d be easier for you to approach Joshua Lynch in his home compared to his office, don’t you think so?”

Luna sighed; she knew it. She could not hide anything from these sneaky little fellows. She knelt. “You’re right, but…”
“Mommy, don’t worry!” Neil looked at her with his bright eyes. “The Little Princess is easy to deal with!”
Luna smiled helplessly, washed her face, and tidied herself up.
“Oh, where’s Nellie?” she asked as she put on her shoes.
Her personal little blanket would drape herself over her whenever she returned home. Why did she not do so today?
“Oh, she’s busy watching her cartoons! Don’t worry, Mommy, Nellie will be fine with me taking care of her.”
Luna said nothing else as she turned and left.
Neil was right.

It was much easier to approach Joshua working at Blue Bay Villa than at the company.
She could not miss out on this opportunity.
Who was this Little Princess?
She researched Joshua thoroughly before they returned home, but there was no mention of such a person.
With a head full of questions, Luna was led into Blue Bay Villa by a servant.
Six years. She finally returned to this villa.
The little tree she planted in the garden had grown tall and strong. Everything remained the same in the villa.
The vase and paintings that she personally picked out still hung in the same spot, clean without a single speck of dust.

Luna felt her emotions jumbled and racing through her chest as she gazed at them.
“Little Princess, she’s here!” Suddenly, a man’s humble and helpless voice rang out from behind her.
Luna unconsciously lowered her eyes.
Behind her, her little blanket looked at her with a smile on her face as she wore her pink, princess-style dress and held a white teddy bear in her arms.
She looked at the little girl in front of her, so shocked that she was rendered speechless!
Nellie subtly placed her finger on her lips, indicating her to ‘be quiet’.
“This Auntie is perfect.” She skipped over. “Hi, Auntie, I’m Nellie!”
Luna’s brows furrowed as she lowered her voice. “Why are you here?”
“I’ll explain it to you in a while, Mommy!” Her pale and delicate little hand closed around Luna’s thumb. “Auntie, let’s go upstairs, I want a milk bath!”
With that, she pulled Luna behind her and bounded up the stairs.
“Look after the Little Princess!”
Looking at the woman’s disappearing figure, Lucas sighed.
The Little Princess was harder to deal with than her Daddy. He labored throughout the afternoon and finally found a maid that suited her taste.

In the bathroom in the child’s room, Nellie laid in the bathtub as her lips formed a pout. “Mommy,” she whined, “don’t be mad. This Daddy is quite nice to me… I didn’t suffer or anything.”
Luna ruffled her daughter’s hair lovingly. “I need to make a call.”
Nellie laid on the edge of the bathtub as she gazed at her mother’s retreating figure. Did she do anything wrong? Why was Mommy so unhappy…?
“Neil.” Standing on the balcony, Luna clutched her phone tightly, gritted her teeth, and spat his name. “This is the job you found for me?”
Neil’s voice drifted in from the other side of the phone, and it sounded somewhat apologetic, “You met Nellie already, Mommy?”
“Why do you want Nellie to recognize him as her father?”
She knew her eldest son was quiet, her second son was sneaky and a trickster, and her daughter was cute and obedient, but she never expected Neil would go behind her back and arrange for Nellie to meet Joshua!
“Mommy, this will happen sooner or later.” Neil sighed. “I knew you’d get angry, so I didn’t dare tell you. But Mommy, don’t you think…Nellie looks too much like him? Even if we don’t tell anyone, we’re staying here in Banyan City now, and his men will see her sooner or later. He’d find out somehow.”
Luna’s grip tightened around her phone.
Even though she was reluctant to admit it, the truth was that Nellie did take after her father a lot, especially her eyes…
Noting Luna’s silence, Neil rushed to convince her, “Since he’d find out sooner or later, it’s better if we swing the first punch. At least that now Nellie is with him, it’ll stop him from marrying his mistress.”
Luna closed her eyes. “Then have you considered what’ll happen if he refuses to return Nellie to us? I brought you up by myself, and I don’t want to see…”
“Don’t worry, Mommy.” On the other end of the phone, the six-year-old boy held up his fingers, pointed toward the sky, and swore, “If in the future you want Nellie to come home, I’ll make sure she comes home!”
Luna laughed bitterly and ended the call.
Neil was still a child, after all, and he did not understand Joshua. All those years ago, he could send her—someone whom he shared his bed with every night—to her death for his affair with Aura.
If in the future, he refused to let Nellie go… She dared not entertain the thought.
At this point, she could neither expose herself nor take Nellie away. She still had matters to take care of.

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