A tall figure appeared at the door.
As soon as Joshua opened the door, he saw the woman sitting on the ladder.
She was sitting on a chair with a photo album on her lap, looking at the contents of the photo album.
She was wearing a pale -yellow nightdress, and her long curly hair languidly spread out, hanging at her waist, making her look even more slender and petite.

Under the dim light, her freely hanging legs looked sexy and charming, but on her small, fair feet, she was wearing the same cartoon plush slippers as Nellie.
The man’s roaming eyes paused.
This woman, she was still awake in the middle of the night, striking such a pose in his study, was she trying to seduce him?
She almost died during the day, and yet now that night had fallen, she still harbored such intentions!
Thinking of this, his expression turned cold. He walked over and asked, “What are you doing?”
Her position on the ladder was shaky and unstable, and she was looking at the photo album in a trance. She was so shocked by his arrival that her hands shook and the photo album in her hands slipped out of her grip.
At that moment, she quickly reached out and grabbed the album, her body falling forward.
Joshua frowned, almost instinctively, he stretched out his arm to catch her.

“Boom! “
The two fell to the ground together.
Luna didn’t expect Joshua to appear suddenly, let alone save her when she fell.
She looked at the man who was crushed under her in astonishment.
This was the first time she has observed Joshua from such a close range since she came back.
His facial features remained harsh and delicate, but he looked tougher and more manly compared to five years ago.
She stared at him, lost for a moment.
Joshua lay on the ground, the fragrance from her body attacked his nostrils, for a moment, he was inexplicably confused.

After a while, the man’s low-pitched voice rang out indifferently, “You still don’t want to get up?”
Luna was startled, scrambling off of him, blushing profusely.
Then, she hurriedly walked to the side and picked up the album.
Joshua sat up, watched her holding the photo album as if it was a precious treasure, and frowned slightly, “What were you doing just now?”
At his question, Luna panicked, but quickly calmed down.
She held the photo album tightly in her hands before she smiled and looked at him, “Today the servant said that there was a photo album of your wife in the attic. Nellie heard her and wanted to see it, so I came to look for it.”
Her excuse was valid and fool-proof.
Joshua frowned faintly, and reached out his hand towards her.
Luna handed him the photo album.
The man looked down and flipped through it. It turned out to be Luna Gibson’s photo album.
“I never knew her photo album was still in the attic.”
Luna smirked slightly, “Your ex-wife has been away for so many years. It is normal for you to forget where her things are.”
With that, she raised her hand and grabbed the edge of the album, “Mr. Lynch, it’s getting late, I’m going to rest now.”
Joshua frowned and pulled her hand away, ” Tomorrow I will pass the album to Nellie myself. “
Since he already said so, Luna had no reason to insist on taking the album.
She respectfully bid him goodnight, and turned and left. Outside the door, she breathed a sigh of relief.
He ought not to have noticed anything out of the ordinary…
Standing in place, Joshua looked at the direction in which she left, his eyes dark.
That night, the lights in the study were lit throughout the night.
Joshua sat in a chair, looking at the woman in the photo page by page.
At times, she was young and beautiful, at times charming, and other times cool and arrogant.
Looking at Luna in the photos, Joshua discovered for the first time that she had so many different emotions.
But, in his impression, she had always been gentle and silent, conducting herself appropriately according to the situation.
Even her death was quiet and silent…
He looked at the photos for a long, long time, and finally sighed deeply.
The man rubbed his fingertips over the woman’s face in the photos, “If you were there, what would you do with Aura today?”
Aura had always been Luna’s favorite family member, and the one she worried about the most.
Even if they were born to different mothers, for many years, Luna and Aura were even closer than biological sisters.
When she moved from Bronze City to Banyan City after they got married, she purposely brought Aura over with her, setting her down in Banyan City, and even arranging for Aura to be his personal secretary.
The man closed his eyes.
Today’s affairs, all the clues led to Aura, he could see it clearly.
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