Chapter 501

I couldn’t believe it when Russel finally backed off, but then Neil suddenly began to hit back. His counterattack was fierce, which even stunned Stella Wallace and our group chat.

Stella: Is Neil out of his mind?

Alicia: Not just him. Russel too. They’re both bats in the belfry.

Barbara: Is it really about Rena?

She tagged me in the chat, asking me to weigh in.

I avoided the question, pretending not to see it and let them continue their heated discussion.

My phone rang, interrupting my reading of the group chat. It was Faith Whitmore.

We hadn’t been in touch lately. Neil had said she was returning to Eldoria because Hiram was still there, but did they not know that Karina Aaron was already here? So, it was likely that Hiram was here too.

“Irene, could we meet?” Faith asked anxiously as soon as I picked up.

“Sure, where are you now?” I replied.

“I’m at Sterling Estates. Do you have the kids with you? I can come to you if that’s easier. Faith, ever considerate, offered. gave her the Sands family’s address.

About half an hour later, Faith was at our doorstep. The children were already asleep, so I left them in Hannah’s care and hurried outside.

moved forward to meet me, “Irene, I wouldn’t have

why Faith had come. It was likely about

Neil and Russel. Although this put me in a tight spot, I was probably the only one whose words they’d

He was the sort to hold a grudge. With Russel stabbing him in the back, Neil would

him? Did he ask for anything unreasonable?” Faith asked,

Neil mentioned you were going back to Eldoria. Is that true?” I changed the

to another point, “Did you also meet with

a moment,

Neil still has feelings for you. He made a wrong choice back then, and it was too late to fix

response, I just

added, “With this huge mess, my husband had to go back to Springvale to sort some matters. But because of Hiram, I have to stay

tell Faith that Karina was

matter?” Faith asked, perplexed when I

Faith’s phone

help his dad. It seemed that he was

as long as you behave and eat properly, grandma won’t worry. Where’s your mom?”

didn’t hear Hiram’s response, but Faith looked a bit displeased. She didn’t say much, just reminded him to ask Karina for

ended soon after.

trying to delay Faith’s return to Eldoria to keep her from finding out that Karina was no longer there. He was

me to stay and help his father, so I guess I’ll

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