Chapter 4 Swallow Her Alive 

Gloria just nodded nonchalantly.

“Leave him alone. I don’t think he bears me any ill will.”

It was a long day. Gloria slept soundly at night.

She used to worry about losing Jordy, but they were getting a divorce soon. She was more at ease and peaceful after losing himShe thought she would toss and turn in the bed. However, she slept soundly.She could actually stand losing him.

The alarm in the morning woke her up.

Gloria was refreshed and got washed up. She looked at the breakfast on the table with a smile.

She liked American breakfast, but Jordy didn’t. Jordy liked traditional English breakfast, so she had been accommodating herself for Jordy’s habit for years.

Now, she could eat whatever she liked, and she felt so great.

In the morning, she received Irene’s call. People from the legal department of the Brown Group could not wait to see her. Irene made an appointment for her.

went out after

a car outside the villa, a man in black mysteriously dialed a number at the same time, “Boss, she’s

“Follow her,”

He never knew that Gloria had her own villa. She even urged

the window. She walked up to him

looked up, but when he saw that it was Gloria, he was shocked.

“You should call

so shocked,

used to appreciate Gloria very much, but he

hide his feelings for

got down to the business and

didn’t know that Jordy was having a sullen look in

see a man sitting opposite Gloria. Although he didn’t

eyes, as if he were going to eat

irritated for no

she was smiling so brightly at another man.

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