Chapter 6 Be a Gentleman 

Gloria looked at Karen in surprise. Grandma really knew that they had got divorced?

Karen took her to sit down and said with a firm look, “Don’t worry! If he stays out all night again. I will kick his ass and teach him a good lesson!”

Gloria’s eyelashes fluttered slightly. So, grandma only knew that she was suffering not that they had got divorced.

When Karen saw Jordy’s grave face, she said sullenly, “What’s that look? You don’t want to come back and eat with me?”

Jordy wiped off his grave look and looked at Karen, “Why would I think like that?”

“Humph! Yes, you would!”

“You’ve been married for so long. But I still don’t have a great-grandson! Do you know all I want is a grandchild?

Karen stood up, and Gloria quickly held her arm.

Jordy frowned and glanced at Gloria.

saw Jordy coming

Gloria to the table, “Come on! Let’s eat! If he doesn’t

looked sullener. He didn’t speak

Gloria were her granddaughter and Jordy were her

eating at ease and

isolated by them. He took a few bites of his food, looked at Karen and said, “Why

more sullen, “You can’t just come

Jordy was speechless.


and more agitated and slapped the table angrily. “Anyway! Gloria is your wife! You should love and care about her. Why do you always go to the hospital to see that vixen? You have disgraced our Collins family

face was darker, “Grandma, Angela

you? Anyone with a normal intellect could


his sarcastic smile and knew that he must think she had

she was afraid that Jordy would misunderstand

misunderstand her? So

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